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Why Hamran Ambrie Converted from Islam

Muslim Convert to Christianity: Hamran Ambrie

The story of Hamran Ambrie and his conversion to Christianity is remarkable.  Hamran Ambrie was a Muslim preacher from Indonesia.  Hamran Ambrie’s attitude about the Bible before his conversion is similar to the attitude of many Muslims I have spoken with.  Hamran Ambrie said he owned a Bible, but did not take is seriously for many years,

In 1962, while writing a copy of my sermon for the mosque I meditated over a verse of the Sura Al-Ma’ida 5:68, which says:

“Say, O people of the Book! You will be nothing unless you uphold the Torah and the Gospel, and all that is revealed to you from your Lord.”

Quran 5:68, Say, "O People of the Scripture..."

I had read this verse a hundred times, but at last God whispered to my soul that the “Torah and the Gospel” which are mentioned in the Qur’an are the same Torah and Gospel found in the Bible now. I had always thought that the Torah and Gospel mentioned in the Qur’an no longer existed physically, and that their contents had been summarized in the Qur’an. I was convinced that the Torah and the Gospel, which form the Bible now were false, and that the original contents had been misarranged, forged or added to by people.

However, my soul told me that the Torah/Gospel now presented in the Bible is true. My mind constantly opposed this inner voice: “No! The Torah and the Gospel in the Bible have been falsified.” My thoughts contradicted my soul and conscience, and I became uncertain and doubtful as to what was right.

To make peace with my conscience, I took the problem to midnight worship (tahjud-prayer), which is a prayer to God requesting definite signs for the truth. I wanted God to help me recognize which of the two beliefs was right. This was my prayer:

“Oh God, Creator of heaven and earth, God of the Muslims, Christians and Buddhists; God of the moon and the stars, valleys and mountains; God of the universe; please show me the truth about what is mentioned in the Qur’an concerning the Torah and the Gospel. Does it mean that the original Torah and Gospel which no longer exist have been summarized in the Qur’an? If that is true, I beg you God to strengthen my heart that I may never study the Bible. But if the ‘truth in the Torah and the Gospel’ mentioned in the Qur’an, means the truth found in the Bible now, I beg You to open my heart so that I will be more eager to study the Bible honestly.”

Read the rest of God Has Chosen Me for Everlasting Life.

Are there other conversion stories you would recommend?

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  1. Anggur Baru says:

    Shalom, I like your website!
    Hamran Ambri’s testimony is really amazing.
    May be you like to have another testimonial of a great ex-muslim Indonesia in you website, please take a look.
    Blessing, Anggur Baru

    K.H. Saifuddin Ibrahim conversion to Christianity

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