Is the Quran or Bible the Word of God? Christianity or Islam?

President Obama and “Radical Islamic Terrorism” (Video)

Here’s a clip from a CNN Presidential Town Hall (9/28/2016) with President Obama explaining why he won’t use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Much of the confusion about labeling certain brands of terrorism is a failure to understand that “religion” and “worldview” are synonymous:

—Secularism is a “religion/worldview”
—Humanism is a “religion/worldview”
—Islam is a “religion/worldview”
—Christianity is a “religion/worldview”
—Terrorists (Christian, Muslim, Atheists) have a “religion/worldview”

All of us—including President Obama, political parties, nations and individuals—are “religious” because all have beliefs about life and death; meaning and purpose; good and evil; justice and injustice; good laws and bad laws; God; etc.

The bigger problem isn’t President Obama’s not using the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.” It’s his failure to identify his beliefs and policies as “religious.”

The overwhelming vast majority of Muslims do not hold to a worldview of terror and killing. Less obvious is that secularism and humanism can be just as brutal as other worldviews of radical terrorism (e.g. abortion).

What is your opinion?

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