Is the Quran or Bible the Word of God? Christianity or Islam?

Do Muslims believe in things that never existed and never happened?

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Muslims and the Bible

Muslims say they believe in the Bible; in fact, there are several passages in the Quran that speak highly of the Gospel(s), the Torah, and the Psalms (cf. Quran 3:3; 5:44-48,68-69; 6:115; 10:64; 12:111; 18:27; 34:31; 35:31).

However, Muslims do not believe in the Christian Gospels, they do not believe in the Hebrew Torah or Psalms which are in the hands of Christians and Jews today.  Many Muslims believe the Scriptures have been corrupted.

Muslims believe in books that do not exist and never existed

The reality is that Muslims believe in something that does not exist and never existed – an Islamic version of the Torah, Psalms, and Gospels.

  • Muslims believe in a Torah that never existed.
  • Muslims believe in Gospels that never existed

Related to this is that Muslims do not believe in the historical event of Jesus’ death on the cross.   For Muslims, this could not have happened because the Quran denies it.  Muslims say the Quran corrects the New Testament in this area, but this means:

  • Muslims believe in a history that never happened. 

What Muhammad recited concerning the crucifixion was not observed by men (Quran 4:157).  There is no reliable historical record to substantiate Muhammad’s recitation and what was later compiled in the Qur’an.  Muslims deny history in order to believe in a history that Muhammad never witnessed.  Muslims deny history in order to believe in a history that never happened.  This is irrational.

Muslim beliefs are really unbeliefs

To help Muslims see their belief in unreality, I offer the following questions,

1. Who changed the Biblical teaching about the crucifixion and death of Jesus?  When did the change occur and why?
2. What manuscript evidence do you have for such a change?  In other words, can you show me a manuscript fragment or complete manuscript from the New Testament that teaches Jesus did not die on the cross?
3. Can you produce historical evidence (eyewitness accounts, a record of eyewitness accounts, accounts of an historian, a Gospel, etc.) dating before AD 100 that deny Jesus’ death on the cross and give a true account about Jesus that reflects your Muslim beliefs?

The inability of Muslims to answer these questions evidences that they believe in things that never existed and never happened.  This makes Muslim beliefs irrational.

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