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Laylat al Baraat 2016 (ليلة البارات)

Laylat al Baraat

Laylat al Baraat (meaning “Night of Privilege”; also called Mid-Sha’ban) begins May 21, 2016.  Laylat al Baraat is a holiday preparing for Ramadan in two weeks.

The Encyclopaedia of the Qur’an states that some Muslims consider Laylat al Baraat to be the holiest day of the entire month (Shaban is the eighth month of the Muslim calendar)1 and

A number of hadiths recommend that one should spend it in “vigil prayer and supplication, and the morrow in fasting”. Furthermore, some commentators identify it with the “blessed night” (layla mubāraka) of q 44:3, which is considered to be the night of the remission of all sins. Hence its popular name, “the night of acquittance” (laylat al-barāʾa). Some Muslims mark it with special prayers and supplications in the hope of obtaining divine rewards that are promised “to those who exert themselves in devotion during this night” (ibid., 27). At the same time, many commentators rejected this tradition, arguing that laylat al-barāʾa was the night of revelation and thus is identical with laylat al-qadr of q 97:1.

Do you celebrate Laylat al Baraat? If so, how?

Laylat al Baraat is a holiday preparing for Ramadan in two weeks.


  1. The sacredness of this day partly because of a famous hadith that quotes Muhammad as saying, “Rajab is the month of God, Shaban is my month, and Ramadan is the month of my community.” []

What is your opinion?

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