Is the Quran or Bible the Word of God? Christianity or Islam?

Jesus, Resurrection, and History

Islam and the death and resurrection of Jesus

J. Gresham Machen noted the following about the importance of history to Christianity,

The student of the New Testament should be primarily an historian. The centre and core of all the Bible is history. Everything else that the Bible contains is fitted into an historical framework and leads up to an historical climax. The Bible is primarily a record of events.

The Bible contains a record of something that has happened, something that puts a new face upon life. What that something is, is told us in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It is the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The authority of the Bible should be tested here at the central point. Is the Bible right about Jesus?…If it is wrong here, then its authority is gone. The question must be faced. What shall we think about Jesus of Nazareth? (History and Faith, Princeton, NJ : The Princeton Theological Review, 13.3 [July 1915], 337-351).

Muslims deny the death of Jesus on the cross, therefore they deny His resurrection from the dead.  Denying these two events is to deny history, and a denial of history is irrational.


3 Responses to “Jesus, Resurrection, and History”

  1. Ziadhussain says:

    I am a muslim, and I believe in Jesus. I also believe that Jesus is a Prophet and ALLAH assend him to Heaven. Why? Becoz, HE has to fight a final battle with DAJJAL (Anti Christ). If Jesus were crossified as Christian claim, then HE was dead and its ALLAH’s clear cut policy that once a death to any one came, HE will never be return back to earth. HE was raised to heaven for some purpose.
    Its not irretional that Muslims believe that Jesus was not crossified.
    Give me logical explanation. (if you have any)

  2. Simeon Bako says:

    The Holy Bible is a complete sacred book. It has its own proof and evindences that it came from God himself. No honest person going through the pages of the Bible can deny its authenticity. 2 Tim 3; 16 -17 gives us the source. See also Luk 16:31, Rom 3:2, jn 19:24, 2 Pet 1:21 and many other references proof clearly that Jehovah God is the source of the holy Bible. That Jesus came and did as it was spoken before his coming all that has been said about Him, is another evidence to the reality of the Bible. And not to talk of the many prophecies it contains. Now we hear of wars rumours of wars kingdoms against each other, a fulfilling prophecy in our days. The Bible has not been and will never be a fabrication of man. The origin and the owner of the Bible is God almighty. Shalom!

    • agoerner says:

      Amen to your comment! Another proof that the Bible is God’s Word is Jesus. The Bible promises life for obeying God’s Law. Jesus lived a perfectly righteous life according to God’s Word and He therefore rose again from the dead.

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