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Table of Contents (with links to sample chapters)

Jesus’ Death on the Cross and the Qur’an
History, Doctrine, and Muslim Agnosticism
Jesus Is God
Trinity, Tawhid, and Monotheism
Transmission of Scripture and the Qur’an

  • Falsification Test?
  • One Single Version of the Qur’an?
  • “Direct Words”, First Person, and Third Person
  • Has the Bible Changed, Or Are Muslims Trying to Change the Bible?

Proof That the Qur’an Is Not From the One True God
Was Muhammad the Prophet Spoken of by Moses?
Muhammad’s Illiteracy
Two or Three Witnesses: What Was Muhammad’s Authority?
Can God Die?
Son of God
A Question Muslims Have Been Unable to Answer
Do Muslims Believe in Jesus?
Paulinity Versus Christianity
Jesus is the Prince of Peace

  • Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
  • Jesus in India
  • The Gospel of Barnabas
  • An-Nisa 4:157
  • Christianity, A Journey from Facts to Fiction
  • Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Jonah
  • The Use of Spices in Jesus’ Burial
  • Jesus Had No Claim on Divinity? (A Dialogue with an Ahmadi Muslim)

Ahmed Deedat

  • Ahmed Deedat and Muslim Confusion
  • Ahmed Deedat and the Claim that Jesus’ Disciples Were Not Eyewitnesses
  • Ahmed Deedat and the Sign of Jonah
  • Three Days and Three Nights
  • Ahmed Deedat’s Death and a Warning from Jesus

Converts from Islam to Christianity

The book:

  • Answers objections Muslims have about Christianity.

  • Is written in a question-and-answer format.

  • Contains links to other relevant websites and videos.

  • Is “hands on” apologetics that allows readers to hear answers and objections from both a Christian and Muslim perspective.

  • Demonstrates that Muslims are interested to discuss the most crucial questions in life.

  • Is for Muslims and Christians interested to learn more about the relationship between the two faiths.