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My God is so great that He died?! Jesus’ death on the cross

One of the issues Muslims confuse about Christianity is the difference between history and doctrine. Christian doctrine flows from God’s work in history. Muslims and Christians agree on the historical fact of Jesus’ ascension into heaven; however, Muslims do not believe Jesus died on the cross. This leads to a historical problem: The 1st century Christians who testified to Jesus’ ascension into heaven also testified to His death on the cross.

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The Quran and Jesus’ Crucifixion

Christians have good reasons for believing the historical event of Jesus’ death on the cross. Do Muslims have good historical reasons for rejecting it?
If a prophet doesn’t get the things of this world right, then can you have confidence that what he said is true about heavenly things?

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The Gospel of Barnabas

The Gospel of Barnabas is popular in the Islamic world. It is available in Islamic bookstores and often the first and only “gospel” Muslims read. What many Muslims don’t know is that the Gospel of Barnabas appears to have been written some 1,500 years after the time of Jesus.

Muslims often argue that the 1st century documents are not reliable for establishing the event of Jesus’ death on the cross. They claim that early Christians—usually Paul—corrupted and changed the Scriptures. The fact is that Muslims who appeal to the Gospel of Barnabas are caught red handed corrupting Scripture.

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Examples of People Surviving Crucifixion & Jesus’ Death

Do examples of people surviving crucifixion mean Jesus could have survived His crucifixion ordeal?

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Jay Smith – Why did Jesus Die?

Jay Smith discusses the death of Jesus on the cross.

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