Is the Quran or Bible the Word of God? Christianity or Islam?

Quran and Quran Tafseer (تفسير) Lecture 07

Quran and Quran Tafseer with Sheik Ali Gomaa (على جمعة): The Miracle of the Quran

I have been studying chapter 6 of the Qur’an.  My teacher has been Ali Gomaa; a leading Islamic scholar and jurist who studied and taught for many years at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University.  In this episode (7 of 19) Dr. Gomaa discusses the miracle of the Quran.

This episode continues discussion of surah 6 ayah 4.

Sheikh Ali Gomaa’s Teaching About Surat Al’An’am


Ali Gomaa says, “Because the Qur’an is the word of Allah and the name “ayah” means miracle.  The Qur’an itself is a miracle.  Each verse has been called “Ayah”, since each one is a true miracle.  ‘except that they are…‘ from the verses or the miracles ‘veering away from it.’  The word ayay is a feminine noun  and its plural as well.  ‘from it’ here might mean the single ayah, or the plural ayah.  We are referring to the plural and single form of the word here.”

It is important to understand that the word “ayah” can mean “verse” or “miracle.”  One of the miracles/signs (ayah) of the Quran are its verses (ayah).  This is how the following verse is to be read,

Quran 6:4
YUSUF ALI: But never did a single one of the signs of their Lord reach them, but they turned away there from.
PICKTHAL: Never came there unto them a revelation of the revelations of Allah but they did turn away from it.
SHAKIR: And there does not come to them any communication of the communications of their Lord but they turn aside from it.

The idea is that those who turn away from the Quran are turning away from the signs/miracles of Allah.

Christianity, the Bible, and the Quran

The Arabic word for “sign/miracle” can also refer to the Arabic word for verse (ayah).  This is problematic because Muhammad’s words (ayah) contradict previously spoken words (ayah) of Jesus and Moses which were confirmed by other miraculous signs.

What is the great proof that the Quran is the word of God?  Muslims say, the Quran!  It would be like saying in court, “The proof that my testimony is true is my testimony.”

Christians are obligated by God’s law to reject the Quran because it contradicts previously validated revelation (cf. Deuteronomy 18:15-18; 34:10-12).

Muslims argue, “But the Christian revelation is corrupted.”  What is the Muslim proof?  Muhammad’s testimony?

It might seem like a stalemate at this point, but to move the discussion forward I encouage you to look at the historical evidence for Jesus’ death on the cross.  This, along with several other things demonstrate the reliability of the Christian Scriptures as opposed to the Quran.

If the Quran is superior revelation, then Muslims should be able to provide superior testimony.  They fall short.  Details can be found in Is the Qur’an the Word of God?

The greatest sign of Jesus is His empty tomb. Muhammad’s tomb is still occupied.

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