Is the Quran or Bible the Word of God? Christianity or Islam?

Muslim-Christian News Picks for March 3-March 9, 2012

During the week I come across hundreds of news items about Christianity and Islam.  Here is what I found most interesting/significant for the week of March 3-March 9.

Desecrating Christian and Jewish Graves in Libya– The phenomenon of cross-destruction goes back to the life and example of Muhammad. A tradition reported by al-Waqidi said that if ever Muhammad found an object in his house with the mark of a cross on it, he would destroy it. (W. Muir, The Life of Muhammad. Volume 3, p.61, note 47.) (Mark Durie) See also Vandals desecrate WWII cemetery in Libya.

Islamic-friendly Bibles – Many missionary groups in Islamic countries are using Bible translations that avoid offending Muslim sensibilities, getting rid of phrases such as “the Son of God” and “God the Father.” All in the name of church growth. (Gene Veith)

What is your opinion?


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