Is the Quran or Bible the Word of God? Christianity or Islam?

Muslim-Christian News Picks for March 17-March 23, 2012

During the week I come across hundreds of news items about Christianity and Islam.  Here is what I found most interesting/significant for the week of March 17-March 23.

No one asked their names – Many mainstream media outlets channelled a significant amount of energy into uncovering the slightest detail about the accused soldier – now identified as Staff Sergeant Robert Bales. We even know where his wife wanted to go for vacation, or what she said on her personal blog. But the victims became a footnote, an anonymous footnote. Just the number 16. No one bothered to ask their ages, their hobbies, their aspirations. Worst of all, no one bothered to ask their names.(Al Jazeera)

Parents: Slain American loved teaching in Yemen – Joel Shrum was killed Sunday by two gunmen on a motorcycle while driving in the city of Taiz. A text message circulated by mobile phone in Yemen afterward said “holy warriors” had killed “a senior missionary.” (World Magazine)

Cardinal Tauran laments ‘right-wing’ ignorance of Islam – “We succeeded in avoiding the clash of civilizations; let us avoid a clash of ignorance,” said Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran. In Europe, he stated, “there is a fear of Islam, but it is due to ignorance.” (Catholic Culture)

Christian Ministry in the Shadow of the Mosque – Evidence of the vast changes that mark the American landscape come with a new report, The American Mosque 2011. The report was produced by a coalition of research centers and organizations under the direction of Ihsan Bagby of the University of Kentucky. The big finding is the explosive growth in the number of mosques in recent years. The report indicates that there were 2,106 mosques in America in 2011, up from 1,209 in the year 2000.(Albert Mohler)

Basic Characteristics of the American Mosque Attitudes of Mosque Leaders – A report from a coalition of major American Muslim and academic organizations, including Hartford Seminary. (PDF)

Muslim Persecution of Christians: February 2012 – List of Muslim persecution of Christians around the world includes for the month of February. (FrontPageMagazine)

What is your opinion?


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