Is the Quran or Bible the Word of God? Christianity or Islam?

Ergun Caner in the Washington Post

The fruits of Ergun Caner’s ministry have done great damage (cf. Matthew 7:16). Some Christians are quick to offer “grace” to Ergun for not telling the truth. However, the greatness of God’s grace in such instances is displayed in the context of repentance. Mr. Caner has exhibited ungodly fruit for years and now needs to exhibit the fruit of repentance (cf. Psalm 51:1-4). I pray that God would grant repentance to Mr. Caner as God has graciously done to me and to all who call upon the name of the LORD (1 Timothy 1:15). Today’s Washington Post has a great overview of the situation and where it currently stands:

Liberty U. removing Ergun Caner as seminary dean over contradictory statements

What is your opinion?

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